13 devices that can be automated in a smart device

  1. Lamps – There are two ways to automate them:

1.1. When buying intelligent lighting systems – lamps or LED strips that will be virtually “smart” out of the box. Examples are Philips Hue or Yeelight.

1.2. Switches by purchasing drives, which in turn come in boxes. We can then make any lightweight smart device at a lower cost. Examples are Tuya, SoTechAfrica Switch,  Sonoff, Shelly, Fibaro devices.

2. Alarm – You can integrate the alarm so that it appears on another screen. An example is the Satel Integra system with the ETH-1 module, which is supported by the Home Assistant. These are smart devices that can be used to automate the control of different elements of a smart home.

3. Sensors – many sensors can be placed in the housing. Sensors for flooding water, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, relocation. These sensors inform you that something is wrong. When a threat is detected, you will be notified immediately. Such sensors can be from Aqara, Fibaro, or other manufacturers.

4. Reed switches and motion sensors – these are also sensors but have a wider application. They can be used both as an alarm element (something detected by the sensor) and as an element triggering automation. We enter the house, the reed switch is released, and the cleaner is now starting. Or we enter the room, we detect movement, so the light turns on. Such sensors can be from Aqara, Fibaro, or other manufacturers.

6. Temperature and humidity sensors, PM 2.5 – these types of sensors inform us about the status of each parameter in our apartment. You will know the temperature, the percentage of humidity, and the concentration of PM 2.5. This can trigger the activation of a cleaner or humidifier, for example, which improves air quality and thus the comfort of life. Such sensors can be Aqara or Xiaomi devices.

7. Smart Sockets – Smart sockets allow us to automate a device that does not have a smart feature, such as an old TV or kettle. You can remotely turn on or off and check power consumption. Sockets such as Xiaomi, Aqara, Fibaro, Smart DGM. Smart home solutions can be used not only for convenience but also for ecology and savings.

8. Heating control – in this case, we can control the heating remotely, both on the floor and on standard radiators. Thanks to this, we can control the temperature of the apartment remotely. Examples are Tado, Netatmo, Honeywell, Fibaro.

9. Gate Control – As part of this smart solution, you can remotely control your entrance gate or garage gate by properly configuring your mobile app settings. 

10. Smart Video Door Phones – If you want to see from a distance who came to us, we can do it thanks to the smart video intercom. An example of this is Nice.

11. Smart Door Locks – If you want to open your doors remotely, you can install a smart lock that includes motion detectors and is configured using the app. Examples are Aqara, Gerda or August. This eliminates the need to insert or turn the key to open the door.

12. Robots – a vacuum cleaner or sweeping robot can be connected for automation. We can do it with iRobot, Roborock, Xiaomi, or Viomi robots.

13. Cleaner and Humidifier – this segment can be connected to our smart home. Such devices are available from Xiaomi, Philips, Samsung, or Sharp. Because some models are equipped with a motion sensor, they can be activated when someone enters the room.

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