3 Reasons why you need a Smart Lighting Systems

Intelligent lighting control systems allow the mood of any room to be altered at the touch of a button. The lighting can be arranged so that the architectural features of a room can be shown off to the best effect. Recent developments in advanced lighting control systems allow control of your entire house lighting from a single remote, wall panel, or even voice control.

  1. Light the Room to Suit the Mood

Many rooms have multiple uses and the feeling of being in a dedicated room can be enhanced by configuring multiple lighting scenes. While watching a film you can have only peripheral lighting activated, but will have main lights on when the room is used for entertaining or reading.

2. Safer, Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting systems can also increase safety. Route lighting allows a series of lights to be turned on to light the route from one room to another at the press of a button, or in response to movement.

For example, you want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. At the press of a button, the route can be lit at a low level to show the way safely and allow you to go back to sleep with ease afterward.

When entering a darkened house, or going downstairs in the middle of the night, corridors, stairwells and the destination rooms themselves can be lit before you enter. This can be triggered either by pressing a button or by using a motion sensor which is only activated during the hours of darkness.

3. Saving Time, Saving Energy

One of the other advantages of having centralized control of all the lighting in the house is saving energy. Using a standard button on a wall switch will allow you to turn off all the lights in the property at the press of a single button. Sensors can detect when a room is no longer in use and dim or turn off the lights, and timed control can reduce power use by only having lights on at set times.

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