3 Simple But Trendy Features for Your New Construction Home

If you have just recently decided to have your dream house erected from scratch, it is important to consider the highest level of comfort, sustainable living, and functionality that it should possess. Here are 3 simple yet trendy tips you can follow to make your new construction home rock with comfort and convenience.

  1. Home Automation

Today’s home convenience has become somewhat synonymous with single device control. Over the past years, we have seen the surfacing of multiple controls over home appliances with reference to security, temperature, entertainment, electronics, and lighting. With the popularity of handheld devices such as smartphones, the capability to control them becomes available in a single device. Imagine the comfort that homeowners would get with controlling about 80 appliances through their smartphones.

  • Green Living

Environment awareness has reached the desks of home developers. Designed have become more concerned with allowing natural air to pass through windows to minimize the job of air conditioning systems. Several design options are also available to homeowners to allow natural light to illuminate surfaces reducing the use of lighting systems. When it comes to the splash of color on the surface, a popular greener choice would be the use of zero VOC and odorless paints. Homeowners can also grab the opportunity of using recycled construction materials such as flooring tiles and wall panels.

  • Open Kitchen Design

Many home developers are starting to see the refreshing appeal that open areas bring into a house. One implementation of such an idea is the introduction of outdoor kitchens. Imagine the comfort that the cool wind can bring while you are cooking your favorite dishes. Top it up with the added convenience of getting the freshest ingredients right from your own vegetable garden. Various methods have become available to impose this from the simplest way of having an outdoor grill for your meat and fish to complex built-in cooktops located just near the covered decks or patio. Design of outside kitchen is more elevated to lessen the times and the individual has to bend while preparing and cooking the dishes.

Privacy meets respect for visitors as reception areas have become somehow isolated from the main areas where family members commonly move. Covered patios and decks are now being made more fabulous with their own sets of furniture and design elements. Wooden tables and chairs have become a perfect fit for decks that are near the garden.

There are many new construction homes that exemplify these trends. However, it is always important to consider your finances and your preferences when it comes to buying a new house. Your local real estate agent will help you choose your dream house that is a perfect fit between these trends and your budget.

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