All About Smart Greenhouse

A smart greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that optimizes plant growth with the use of sensors, controllers and other technology. The term “smart” refers to the automated features that regulate the greenhouse environment, optimizing conditions for plant growth.
Smart greenhouses typically use automated systems for controlling the temperature, humidity, ventilation, irrigation, and lighting. All of these can be monitored remotely and programmed to react based on changes in the environment. For instance, a smart greenhouse might open the vents when it gets too hot or turn on the lights when it’s dark outside.
Also a part of its benefits, a smart greenhouse system consumes less fuel and water than a traditional alternative and In some cases, it has proved to also grow food that packed with more nutrients compared to conventional greenhouse system while offering real time surveillance and control via your smart device from the comfort of your smart device at all times.
There are many different types of sensors available to a smart greenhouses to measure and report data for environmental monitoring and for controlling automation.

-Humidity sensors
-Temperature sensors
-Soil moisture sensors
-Light sensors
-Soil PH Sensors
-Air quality sensors
-Carbon dioxide sensors

Your choiced equipment should be capable of handling the greenhouse environment. Typically, special consideration is required to cater for power supply needs alongside sensors that might be sensitive to water splashes, sunlight, and humidity. A successful solution should be greater than the sum of its parts


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