Home Automation: Endless Possibilities

With the advent of home automation, the technology of intelligent control has taken over and there is a lesser need for human intervention to do your household chores and control your lights and devices. We use a little bit of automation every day – with garage-door openers, alarm clocks, coffee machine timers, and remote controls. However, with a proper smart home automation system, you can do all these and much more with the click of a button from your smartphone or tablet. In short, there is no end to the possibilities.

In a smart home, multiple subsystems are integrated such that everything can be controlled centrally from a smart hub. Individual devices are not being worked independently anymore, but with the command from you, inputs are being received from all devices around the home and they are controlled – triggered by your command or time set by you. The smart home technology is run by a set of complex software functions that operate action/actions on a number of events.

For timed events, the home automation system operates with command according to the time of the day. Thus a home performs multiple tasks like drawing up the curtains at 7 AM in the morning to switching off the backyard lights at 11 PM at the night.

For triggered events, the system performs an action or a series of actions according to a command that triggers the action.

Different types of triggers that prompt the consecutive action are:

1. Pressing a particular button leads to a particular task like switching on/off the lights.

2. Motion sensors trigger switching on of the lights as a person walks through the door; if there is no action detected for 5 minutes, the lights get switched off automatically.

3. Fire/gas alerts are activated when the temperature in a particular room exceeds a certain temperature.

With the combination of conditional logic of timed and triggered events, smart homes can do wonders to perform every task by themselves without human intervention. Integrate the sub-systems to enable your home to perform a number of tasks:

• Lighting
• Shades/blinds
• HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
• Security
• garden sprinkler
• Control the temperature and quality of water in your pool/spa
• Entertainment and media control

Home automation gives you the control of performing any function anytime and anywhere in the world based on the rules set by you. You can control every electrical device, monitor your house through 24/7 video surveillance, operate your blinds, dim the lights, and mood-lighting and turn on your favorite music through a single and simple touch.

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