Make Your Life Easier with a Universal Remote

Do you have separate remotes for your DVD player, TV, and satellite TV? If so, you probably find that having so many remotes is a major hassle. A universal remote is a single controller which operates all your entertainment units and is a great convenience when you have so many electronic units in your entertainment room.

Models of Universal Remotes

There are a wide variety of universal remote controls, ranging in price and functions. At the low end, the remotes will control only the TV and some associated entertainment devices. At the higher end, there are LCD touchscreen models that are able to control a large range of electronic devices such as your PC, stereo, and lights.

Universal Remote Codes

Usually, a remote will have codes inbuilt and the user will cycle through them to select the one corresponding to the device to be used.

These codes are usually for a variety of manufacturers and devices. Some remotes are able to “learn”. That is, they are able to monitor the signals from the remotes for your devices and insert the codes into the universal remote.

Program the Remote

However, the remote has to be somehow told what entertainment products you have and what codes to use. This is where programming comes in.

Unfortunately, programming a universal remote can be challenging at times, especially if you are not born with the technical gene. However, remotes are becoming more and more user-friendly, and the effort you put into programing your remote will be worth it once it is completed.

Codes for the different manufacturers of products are found in the remote’s instruction book. Some versions are able to be programmed by downloading the codes from your PC to the remote itself. Other types simply learn by reading the codes emitted from your old remotes.


Universal remotes are a great way to make your life easier if you have so many different remotes that you don’t know which one is which. They also make a great gift for technical-minded individuals.

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