Out Smarting Your Average Thief with Smart Locks

Crime is something most people would rather not think about. It’s not a pleasant thing to spend your time dwelling upon after all, and there’s also this sort of magical thinking about how concentrating on bad things will make them more likely to occur. The fact of the matter is that crime is real and one must be prepared to deal with the consequences. Acting complacently and denying the fact that something could happen to you (many people go about their lives thinking that it is always other people who are victims) is simply not the smart way to go about crime.

You can take preventative measures, especially when it comes to your home security. Your home should be your fortress, your place of refuge from the stresses of the outside world; unfortunately, this is not always the case. More and more often, the outside world does get in and sometimes it does so in a violent manner. The rate of property crimes isn’t going down; it’s actually going up in some areas. Robbers and thieves are getting younger and bolder. Some even target homes when they know people are at home; fortunately, however, these aren’t your common thieves. Most thieves look for an easy target, a home that’s empty.

In order to beef up your home security, you’ve got to take initiative. The overwhelming majority of thieves aren’t criminal masterminds. That’s the stuff of Hollywood movies. For the most part, petty thieves are young kids who are looking for a quick buck. They are first and foremost opportunists. They look for easy ins and outs. They look for homeowners who have left their guard down, those who have become complacent and it is incredibly easy to become complacent.

To keep the thieves at bay, there are a number of measures that you as a homeowner and family maker can take. Taking charge of your home security doesn’t require that you put down piles of cash either. You simply have to become more aware of your vulnerabilities. For instance, if you have the tendency to leave the garage door open all the time, make a conscious effort to close it.

You have to develop smart habits. Don’t leave spare keys outside underneath a doormat or a fake rock; thieves know that many people do this and that’s one of the first places they’ll look. Don’t leave any garden tools or ladders outside, as thieves will use these to get into your house.

Secure your doors and windows. While many people do lock their doors, many people do not lock their windows. All windows, particularly those that provide easy access for criminals should have locks on them, not merely latches or hooks. There are specific types of locks you can buy that allow you to prop your windows up to allow air in, but which keep criminals out. Some window locks also come with keys.

Consider purchasing a home alarm system. They are incredibly affordable nowadays and you can rest assured that your home will be protected.

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